This is David’s technical blog. It has my thoughts on linux, php, javascript, css, and a variety of other topics that I deal with in my work.

I recently joined a good friend in starting a new company, NodePing, which provides system and service monitoring. That process has been a huge task of writing code (mostly node.js, with redis and couchdb on the backend), but has also involved lots of business planning and contract writing, activities I have thought several times through my career were behind me.

At various times I’ve been a developer, application architect, and manager of other people who do the same kinds of things. I’ve also done system administration, IT department management, and a variety of other miscellaneous activities spread over the past decade and a half or so. Most of that time has been working at humanitarian and mission agencies, as well as some consulting and contract work.

David can be reached by email. His email is david at this domain.

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